Country Pumpkins Safety Statement

This has been an interesting year to say the least.  In July we planted pumpkins and corn and worked through the summer to bring Country Pumpkins to life for the 21st season, not actually knowing if our business would survive through the closures and restrictions.

We’ve been pro-active ahead of our opening day, learning as much as we could about public health and safety, new regulations, and the evolving conditions surrounding the virus.  We’ve adopted a number of new safety measures on our farm, most of which are aimed at sanitation and protecting our employees and customers.

For example, we’ve added staff to clean frequently touched items and surfaces, and spread out foot traffic within the areas frequented by our guests.  Today we met with a Glenn County health department representative to review our updated plan, and are pleased with the positive, constructive dialogue we had during our meeting on the farm.

These things are pretty simple to do on a farm with adequate space and only outdoor venues, but require some measure of common sense, good personal hygiene, and respect for each other, all of which we expect from our customers.  We realize some people are more comfortable in public wearing PPE, including face coverings, while others are not.  We respect each individual’s right to protect themselves as they see fit.